5 major projects under way near Huangpu River

PUBLISH DATE:2019-12-26     Source:Shanghai Dialy / SHINE
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Five major infrastructure projects

— two new tunnels crossing the Huangpu River, two elevated roads and an underground space which will become a Metro station, got under way on Wednesday.

Once completed, they will largely improve the traffic conditions alongside the river.

One of the tunnels will connect Xuhui District and the Pudong New Area. It will starts from Longshui Road S. in Xuhui. After crossing the river, it will divide into two, one going north for 1,781 meters to the junction of Yaolong and Haiyang roads. The other stretching 2,331 meters south to the junction of Yaolong and Gaoqing roads.

The tunnel will have two lanes in each direction with speeds limited at 40 kilometers per hour.

After the tunnel is completed, it will take about 10 minutes to drive to Pudong.

The other tunnel, along with the two elevated roads, are in remote areas alongside the river.

Shanghai Transport Commission said it is important to improve the infrastructure in these areas as the development of the Huangpu River waterfront will reach out to the outer ring.

The underground space is beneath the World Expo Cultural Park which is now under construction.


Source: SHINE   Editor: Shen Ke 

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