Signing Ceremony for Projects with Foreign Investment Held in Shanghai

PUBLISH DATE:2019-11-04     Source:Investment Promotion Platform News (Vol. 16, 2019) (Series No. 379)
Supporting fields:China/Finance, Business, Culture and Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Integrated Circuits, Biomedicine, New Materials, Automobile, Chemical Industry

As the frontier and window of China‘s reform and opening up, Shanghai continues to be one of the top choices for foreign investment. Recently, the municipal government of Shanghai held a contract-signing ceremony for projects with foreign investment.  Mr. Ying Yong, mayor of Shanghai attended the ceremony, and Mr. Xu Kunlin, Vice Mayor of Shanghai delivered a speech.  Cargill and BASF, representing the foreign companies presented the ceremony also made speeches. The number of the contracted project is 42 with total investment of $7.7 billion. Among them, there were 25 new projects and 17 capital increased projects. From the industry of investment, there are 20 manufacturing projects with a total investment of about $2.4 billion, and 22 service industry projects with a total investment of about $5.3 billion. Among the 42 projects, the number of projects with the investment over $100 million is 15, including the fields of intelligent manufacturing, biomedicine, chemical industry, integrated circuit, new energy, new materials, commerce, finance and so on.  The launch of the ceremony demonstrated that the foreign investment of Shanghai is progressing towards at a higher lever, in a broader field and a deeper level.

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